To Let Go of a Song.

Oh Lord Jesus,
I need You. I can’t even read the titles of songs we used to listen to together, back when we were young and naively in love. Even the idea of taking in the words and melodies fills me with a disdain.

Is this normal? “We all have a first love, Annalee,” mom chides. “We all have baggage.”

I’ve healed SO much. And for that, Jesus, I thank You. But Jesus, my heart still is brought low and my eyes fill with tears at the details we shared…

I can’t keep living in the past.

So, I need to let go of the song. And by Your Grace, I pray I’d be able to fully forever let go of “us,” of him and I, too.



Learn about the God who heals all wounds here.

Author: bringbackhisgirls

As a Young Lover of the Truth, Jesus Christ, it is my aim to seek Him more and more each day-- and to love, honor, and draw others to Him, as well. To get to know me more, or to ask for prayer, please contact me at Be blessed as you seek His face!

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