Helping Little Miri

I have become aware of a little Israeli girl named Miri who has Leukemia. Because of her family’s poverty and the severity of her illness, she cannot live in the small and ill-ventilated her family lives in. She is currently living in the hospital.

Would you consider giving to her cause, to help her family build a new home where she can live with them? If anything, please just pray for her and for her family.

You can learn more about her here.

All of us are precious to the Lord. Learn more about Jesus, who He is, and His great Love for you, here.

Remembering Rachel Held Evans


Rachel Held Evans was a liberal Christian theologian who wrote many different books about the Christian faith. According to FaithWire, she passed away on May 4th after suffering seizures and brain swelling from an allergic reaction. She leaves behind her husband and two children.

Rachel Held Evans,

Though I disagreed with many of your beliefs, you are indeed a sister in Christ. We will miss you, but we know that you are seeing Jesus face to face. We cannot wait to see you in heaven. Thank You Jesus for the gift Rachel was and has been to everyone who knows her and knows of her.

With Love in Christ,


This just reminds me of how frail we are, and how death can happen at any point in time or place. May we use the time Jesus has given us to share Him with the world and live life with Him abundantly. Learn more about Jesus, and how you can do these things, here. ❤

Please pray for Rachel’s family, friends, and all those who have been affected by her passing. Thank you.


Five Years.

It’s been five years.

Five. Years. Five years since parents and loved ones have seen their daughters.

Five years since Boko Haram changed everything, abducting 276 school girls from their school in Chibok, Nigeria.

I think back to who I was five years ago. I was a completely different person; no doubt, these young women have changed, as well.

I want to hug them. I want to rescue the remaining 112 girls myself. Five years later, I wonder if their rescue is possible.

And then I remember: with God, all things are possible.

He knows exactly where these young women are.

He is completely in control.

For an update on these girls, please watch the video below.

Let’s never forget, friends. Please spend some time in prayer with me over these girls. Jesus knows what He is doing. And that, despite the despair of the situation, is something to find rest and peace in.

Do you know Jesus?

God is in control. 2,000 years ago, He sent His One and Only Son, so that we might be saved from our sins. Learn more about Jesus, and our need for Him, here.

Please pray for…

  • Each and every one of the remaining 112 Chibok girls in captivity.
  • The parents and loved ones of these girls, that they would not give up hope.
  • The Nigerian government to do something in effort to free these girls.

Thank you for your prayers!


The First Anniversary of Billy Graham’s Death



Today is the first anniversary of Reverend Billy Graham’s death.

As we observe this day, let us remember 90:12: “Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

May we spend our days, just as Billy, sharing and living out the Gospel.


See more about this anniversary” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>here.

Billy Graham lived his entire life for Jesus.
Meet Jesus here.

Being Thankful for Friendship

Have you ever just cried when you think about the people who have poured into your life the most? Those people who took the time to hug you, to pick you up and get coffee, to ask how you were really doing because they actually cared?

I’m doing that right now. My heart is full of sheer gratitude for those people I once loved and lived so closely with. From my ex boyfriend’s sister, to a loving youth group leader, my eyes have filled with tears as I think of the pure joy and love they have shown me.

I remember one dear friendship: how I would come over to her house, or that we would meet somewhere in my hometown, and we would just watch movies. Listen to music. Talk about the abstract things, and the things right here and now.

It didn’t matter what we did. All that mattered was that we were together.

And so it is today. It can easily fill me with sadness to know that I no longer am around such people… but then I remember: Jesus has never lacked putting lovely people in my life, even now. They are people who care—and people whom I can pour into, as well.

After taking Interpersonal Communications and intro to Psychology courses this past semester, I am blown away by just how wired for authentic community that we are. Whether you agree or not, there is something deep inside of us that yearns to be known deeply—and Loved just as deeply at the same time.

I don’t really know where this post is going… all I have to say is that I am glad that I have been deeply known and loved by so many—and that I am ready to be even more deeply known and loved, now.

My heart is ready. May it be opened up to the right people—and ultimately, opened up completely to my Savior: the One who knew me and loved me deeply before I was born.

Thank you Jesus, for how You Love us—and for how You show Your Love through us. ❤
Learn more about Jesus, and His Love for you, here.


A Letter to Grandma


Grandma with a young cousin.

Mama started using all natural deoderant after you passed. Doctors told her there was aluminum in the regular types of deoderant that can cause cancer, and never wanted to ever have to go through the pain you went through.

Grandma, with my two aunts as little girls.

You died when I was a baby– how many times did you hold me in your arms? I wish I could hear your voice. Feel your touch.

I look at mama, and sigh at the pain she goes through when she thinks of you. The slightest of triggers brings tears to her eyes. She shares about how beautiful you are, of the life here that you left behind.

Grandma, the days feel long. But I know that time is short. What would you say to me? What golden nuggets of wisdom would pour from your heart to mine?

I guess it doesn’t matter, now. We’ll see each other again sometime– and I’m thankful it won’t be while you were here, suffering. You’ll be the happiest woman in all the world, sunlight piercing through all the darkness you’ve experienced on this earth.

One of grandma’s wedding photos.

Grandma, Grandpa is giving all of his stuff away. Making movies from the countless hours of recordings and photos you both took. I want to hang on to him forever, never let him go.

But I will, one day. Jesus, help us to love without the fear of the pain it can bring.
Help us to live light + free, focused on Your beautiful face.
Help us to finish the race.

I’ll see you again soon, Grandma, and it will surpass every photo I’ve ever seen of you.

Love, your granddaughter,

The Stands

Today, I went to a funeral reception—a “Celebration of Life” reception for my best friend’s mother.

As I sat around a big, round table, I saw many of those around me eating, talking, laughing—all of it mingling with spontaneous tears, as the reality of her passing became real.

“She is a beautiful woman,” we all said. “So sweet. So full of joy. So full of life.”

A fighter against many odds, she finished her race well.

I saw there, on top of a table, a quote on a piece of paper. It said something about how all of life must be celebrated, even the end of it. It got me thinking.

Verses like 2 Timothy 4:7 and Hebrews 12:1-2 speak about this life we have as a race. The verse in Hebrews speaks about “running the race set before us,” and describes a cloud of witnesses (those in the “Hall of Faith” described in the prior chapter, Hebrews 11) watching us as we run this race called life.

They are watching as we stumble, but do not fall (Psalm 37:24); watching as we, by the help and power of our God, Jesus, get back up, and throw off everything that keeps us from running well (Hebrews 12:1). Watching every twist and turn, they cheer us on.

An eruption of cheers, yells, whistles and chants come from the stands as we take our last steps, lunging past the tape at the finish line.
The runner is done.
They are valiant. They are victorious.

Those of us still running this race keep on going, step by step by step. And as so many eyes filled with tears today as they longed for my best friend’s mother, I couldn’t help but feel so… thankful.

So thankful to Jesus, that He made a way.
So thankful to Jesus, that she knew Him as the way (John 14:6).
So thankful that, when I am ready to cross the finish line, she and so many others will be right there, cheering for me and chanting my name when my time comes, should Christ tarry.

All because Jesus ran this race first—and showed us how to do so.

I am so thankful to know Him, and am so thankful to have known you, my sister in Christ.

You ran your race well, my friend. So when the time is right and my race is done, save me—and all of your brothers and sisters– a seat in the stands. ❤