Let us never take church for granted, again! May we pray over our pastors and church leaders to be wise in their decisions as churches are re-opening.

In Christ,


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Ravi Zacharias has Passed Away.


Ravi Zacharias fought the good fight of trying to beat bone cancer in his spine. But, this morning, on May 19th, 2020, he went to be home with the Lord.

He is in no more pain, and every one of his tears have been wiped away by our Loving Jesus.

Please be in prayer for his family and loved ones. Thank you!

Do you know Jesus?

Ravi Zacharias is currently in heaven– in complete and total bliss, where he gets to be with his Savior and where there is no more grief or tears. Learn more about heaven, and how to get there through Jesus, here.

There Needs to Be Justice.

This is jarring to hear. All I can do is pray that the Lord would bring about justice, righteousness, and truth in these situations! To hear of this– and from only one woman who actually seems to care for patients– is so heartbreaking and angering!!

Jesus, please end this COVID-19 soon. Please.

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Thank not only your school teachers, but your mentors and pastors too, who are your teachers when it comes to Jesus and life!!! Let them know they all matter today 🙂

And last but definitely not least… thank Jesus, for being the One who has saved you, and now leads, guides, and teachers you! He deserves all the praise!!!

Pray for Truckers During this Time.


“Dear Lord Jesus,
We thank You for our truck drivers, bringing us food and other supplies. We pray now that You would strengthen these truck drivers, draw them close to You, and help them to do their best at their job. Please give them a way to shower and eat. 
In Your Name we pray,

Help Find Gannon Stauch!

***UPDATE: Gannon has passed away, and his stepmother is being held responsible. Thank you for all of your prayers– please pray over his family and loved ones as they go through legal proceedings. Thank you.***

Gannon went missing January 27th.

Please pray for 11-year-old Gannon Stauch and his family! He went missing January 27th in Colorado between 3:15-4pm. His family is asking anyone who knows of his whereabouts to please call the police!

***Please pray with me for his wellbeing, and for him to be found soon! Please pass this along through reposts!!***