Helping Little Miri

I have become aware of a little Israeli girl named Miri who has Leukemia. Because of her family’s poverty and the severity of her illness, she cannot live in the small and ill-ventilated her family lives in. She is currently living in the hospital.

Would you consider giving to her cause, to help her family build a new home where she can live with them? If anything, please just pray for her and for her family.

You can learn more about her here.

All of us are precious to the Lord. Learn more about Jesus, who He is, and His great Love for you, here.

Prayer for Baby Karalyne!

Please pray for this precious baby girl, baby Karalyne. She has Leukemia… may she be healed in Jesus’ Name!

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You can pray for (find the prayer sheet here)…

  • Her parents and family, that they would receive comfort during this time.
  • For the healing of baby Karalyne.
  • For all children with Leukemia.

Thank you for your prayers!!!